Winter 2012 Issue

The Winter 2012 issue of the Weedman Newsletter was the last one as a quarterly periodical.  While we regret ceasing publication, burn out has taken it toll!

The Weedman Newsletter was published to share family information and genealogical research results. 2012 marked its 45th year of publication! Marianne Montgomery and her late husband, Paul, started the Newsletter and she was its editor from the beginning until her retirement.

The editorship was taken by Chantal Weedman and her father, William L. Weedman, for a time. A volunteer offered to take the task in the event that Chantal wanted to relinquish that role. She agreed since she has more than a full-time job. When the volunteer was advised the role could be taken, a family situation that had suddenly arose prevented that person for becoming Editor. As a result, Nick Weedman became Editor effective with the Summer 2006 edition.

Genealogical queries and family information were published in the Newsletter. To submit a query on family information, send e-mail to Nick Weedman.

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The Winter 2012 issue of the Weedman Newsletter was the last one distributed. This issue is largely devoted to articles on projects which we hope will be continued despite the cessation of publication of the Newsletter.

Items from the Weedman Newsletter Winter 2012 Issue included:

  • Ship Anderson Passenger Project
  • Weedman Family DNA Testing
  • Swedish Weedman DNA Project
  • Christian Weedman, Senior DNA Project
  • Weedman Find-A-Grave Projecgt
  • Obituary - Elton Ray Weedman

In the near future we will have all editions of the Weedman Newsletter on line.

View or download The Weedman Newsletter (winter 2012 file)

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