DNA Testing Questions & Answers

What is the cost to participate?

By having a surname project, the following pricing from FamilyTreeDNA will apply. You need to specify you are participating in the Weedman Family DNA Project:

  • 12 marker Y-DNA* test $99 + postage   12 to 25 Marker Upgrade $49
  • 12 to 37 Marker Upgrade $99   12 to 67 Marker Upgrade $189
  • 25 Marker Y-DNA* test $124 + postage   25 to 37 Marker Upgrade $49   25 to 67 Marker Upgrade $148
  • 37 Marker Y-DNA* test $149 + postage   37 to 67 Marker Upgrade $99
  • 67 Marker Y-DNA* test $248 + postage

*Please note this pricing applies only to FamilyTreeDNA products and prices are subject to change. We highly recommend the 37 or 67 market kits for better accuracy. Occasionally, sales may be offered.

How do I participate?

Go to www.familytreedna.com and purchase a test kit from them. Be sure to specify that you are part of the Weedman Family Tree DNA project.

How can I follow project results?

Results will be posted on this page. We will not have access to any information other than test results so hopefully privacy is not an issue.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Contact Nick Weedman at nick@weedman.com for information on the family project. Contact Family Tree DNA for resolution of technical questions.

This page was last updated on February 03, 2013.