Family DNA Project

A deeper look into the possibility of DNA testing for genealogical purposes as a tool in our pursuit of our ancestry.

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passenger list

Ship Anderson

Christian Weedman, Sr (aka Widman) was likely to be accompanying family or friends on this ship.

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Hall of Fame

The Weedman Family Hall of Fame was established to highlight those family members who have brought unusual recognition to our family.


Zadock Sinclair Weedman

Family Photos

Weedman family photographs, most of which are over 100 years old.



Biographical Sketches

Scattered around the country are County and local history books that contain references to family members as well as biographical sketches.



Florida Roots

There is no known connection with other branches of the Weedman family. However, the German connection is of interest to other Weedman lines and requires further research to determine if these are related.

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Oral History

This is an excellent example of work that we all should do and that is to get on audio or, even better, video tape recollections of family members about their history. Kenneth Russell Weedman interviewed his parents and excerpts of that interview are on this page.

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Other Information

More facts and findings about Weedman lineage.

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