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There was Weedman family presence in England as early as 1716. Two of the earliest records show that Ann Elizabeth Weedmanmarried John Parsons in London on 26 April 1716. Anna Maire, daughter of John and Jane Weedman was christened on 14 July 1723 at Stepney, St. Dunstan, England.

Unfortunately, records on Weedman families in England are scattered and sparse. We were recently contacted by Terry Weedman who lives in England asking if there was a connection between the English Weedman lines and those in the U. S.

His father, William Francis Mardell Weedman, went from England to Rhodesia about 1941 where he still lives. Terry was born there in 1945 and immigrated to South Africa in 1973. He now lives in England.

A check of available English census records (1871, 1881, 1891, and 1901) reveals a number of Weedman families there. This is worth pursuing.

It is believed that the Australian lines had English roots and it is likely all of these are connected.



There are a number of Weedmanfamilies in Australia. Most are descendants of George Henry Weedman, Jr., an immigrant from England. He was born in Campden Town, London, England in 1859 and married Fanny Elizabeth Checketts in Birmingham, England in 1881. In 1884, they immigrated to Brisbane, Australia.

George Henry Weedman, Jr.'sfather was a guard on the English railway system. George Henry Weedman, Sr., had a brother who was a stone mason in Canada.

There is one other Weedman family in Australia.The one contact made with this line (a Weedman family residing in Canberra, Australia) revealed a separate lineage than that of George Henry Weedman.

There has been documented research done on the Weedman family in Australia.



There is evidence of Weedmanfamily presence in Canada. In addition to the George Henry Weedman, Sr. connection (see Australia above), a contact was made several years ago by a Weedman family in Canada but no permanent contact was established. We note from the Internet, at least 11 Weedman families in Canada. These are primarily in Ontario and Vancouver.

We hope to eventually establish in the Weedman family in Canada.

To contribute information on these families, to learn of other researchers, or to make inquiries, please email Nick Weedman.

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