The largest Weedman family groups in the United States are descendants of Christian and Elizabeth Weedman.

Christian Weedman, Sr., arrived in the U.S. on 21 August 1750 aboard the ship Anderson. Anderson originated in Rotterdam with an intermediate stop at Cowles, England.

From the date of immigration until 1762, the whereabouts of Christian Weedman, Sr. is unknown. In 1762, what we believe to be his first child and eldest daughter, Mary, was born in Hampshire County, Virginia. The next time a reference is found to him is in 1765 when he took up residence in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. There Christian, his wife, Elizabeth, and most of his children remained until 1799. At that time, he sold his land to a son-in-law and was apparently gone for no listing can be found for him in the 1800 Fayette County, Pennsylvania census. In the early 1800s, he, two of his sons, and at least one daughter can be located in the area of Fairfield and Licking Counties, Ohio. It was in Fairfield County (now part of Perry County), that he made his will in 1811 and died. It is unclear when Elizabeth died but she outlived Christian. No marriage record has been found for Christian and Elizabeth. Some believe her maiden name to be Craddock but no verification of this has been located.

The family of Christian and Elizabeth Weedman included:

  1. Mary. Born 1 Feb 1762 in South Branch, VA. Married Adam Myers. Lived in Fayette County, PA and Huron County, OH. Adam was a Revolutionary War veteran and was the son of Henry Myers. Mary Weedman is said to have been "the first American born woman to ever cross the Ohio River from Virginia to settle in the Ohio country"!
  2. Barbara. Born ca 1764. Married Nicholas Riffle, a Revolutionary War veteran. Remained in Fayette Co., PA when her parents moved West. Following the death of Nicholas, Barbara married Michael Kerns who was from Monongalia Co., VA and was one of the founders of Morgantown, WV. Died in Morgantown, WV and there is a plaque that states the grave sites of Michael and Barbara are nearby but it is unclear where they are. A pre-nuptial agreement is recorded in the County Courthouse for this couple but this has not been copied. Potentially, this could be interesting.
  3. Christian, Jr. Born ca 1765 in Fayette Co., PA. Left Fayette County and was in Mercer County, KY in 1789 when he married Mary Marshall, daughter of James and Elizabeth Marshall of Rockingham Co., VA. Lived in Grayson Co., KY and had a large family. Descendants are found in Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas.
  4. Elizabeth. Born ca 1767 in Fayette Co., PA. Likely married Joseph Murphy but this is unproven. Two children, one of whom was Christian Murphy. Nothing more can be found of the family. A Joseph Murphy was found in Licking Co., OH and could be the same person as the presumed husband of Elizabeth Weedman. One hypothesis is the family move to Ohio after 1810, Elizabeth survived her father and is named in his will but died soon thereafter. Both sons died as well. Joseph Murphy re-married but more research is needed to prove or disprove this theory.
  5. John. Born about 1770 in Fayette Co., PA. Married Sophia(unknown surname). He moved to Licking County, OH with his father and remained there until his death in 1830. One son, Nicholas, lived in Harrison Co., IN. Descendants are located in Indiana and the Northwest.
  6. Margaret. Born in Fayette Co., PA. Nothing further known.
  7. Sarah. Born ca 1772 in Fayette Co., PA. Married Andrew Walters, son of Ephriam Walters, Sr.Andrew and Sarah bought part of the original homestead from Christian Weedman but joined the Christian Weedman, Sr. family in Perry Co., Ohio about 1808. They settled in Madison Township of what is now Perry Co., Ohio (then Fairfield County). Sarah died prior to Christian (1811) and was survived by Andrew. No will is known to exist for Andrew but it is believed that he died in Perry Co., OH between 1830 and 1831.
  8. George. Born June, 1773 in Fayette Co., PA. Married Charlotte, daughter of John and Dorothy Huhn in Fayette County. Moved to Ohio with Christian (or Christian followed George and John) and remained there until 1830. Then moved to DeWitt and McLean County, IL. The village of Weedman, IL is named for George or one of his sons (Weedman IL is just outside Farmer City, IL). Descendants are found in Illinois, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and the Pacific Northwest. Following the death of Charlotte, George married Phoebe Halsey in McLean Co., IL. After his death, she married a William Johnson. Ultimately, Phoebe moved to Iowa where she died in Adair County in 1898.
  9. Jacob. Born ca 1775, Fayette Co., PA.  In late 1790s, can be found in Bullitt Co., KY where he was a Lieutenant in the Corn Stalk Militia. Married Mary Frances Fleming in 1799 in Bullit Co. Died in DuBois Co., IN about 1835 where he lived for most of his life. Descendants in Indiana, Illinois, California.
  10. Catherine. Born ca 1779 in Fayette Co. Married (1) John, son of John and Dorothy Huhn in Fayette County. John died in the early 1800s and Catherine married Jacob Kefover. The Kefovers moved to Perry Co. OH in the early 1800s and lived there until their deaths. Many of the descendants of John and Catherine Huhn remained in Fayette County. Descendants of Jacob and Catherine Kefover left Perry County, OH about 1861 and moved to the Danvers area of McLean County, IL.

The family of Christian and Elizabeth Weedman, Sr. has been extensively researched. However, more work is needed of both those with Weedman surnames as well as allied lines.

Among surnames actively being researched by Weedman family genealogists include:

Cart, Farmer, Gilliland, Haycraft, Higdon, Huhn, Kefover (Keefover), Kendrick, Lanman (Landman), Marshall, Montgomery, Myers, Nichols, Riffle, Spurrier, Stapleton, Stone, Walters, Weedman (Widman, Weidman), and Wooten.

To contribute information on these families, to learn of other researchers, or to make inquiries, contact Nick Weedman.