2002 National Family Gathering

The Gathering concluded on July 21, 2002 in Jasper, Indiana and was highly successful.

daniel weedman

Participants from the Daniel Weedman line (l to r):
Sue Weedman, Marianne Montgomery, Kenneth Weedman, Eleanor Deom, Helen & Bill Gregg.

george weedman

Participants from the George Weedman line (l to r):
Sylvia & Roy M. Weedman, Larry & Maudie Weedman

stephen weedman

Participants from the Stephen Weedman line (l to r): Bill, Arie, & Thea Weedman, Hannah, Shirley, Jarrad, and Cliff Weedman

john weedman

Participants from the John Weedman line (l to r):
Gena & George Theiss, Sharon Herke, Diane Hall, Minnie Russell, and Terry Weedman


Participants from the Jacob Weedman line (l to r):
Margarite and Louis Richardt, Jim & Ardes Weedman, Myrtle & Geoffrey Kenyon, Neil & Marilyn Kenyon, Paul Weedman and Aida Weedman.

Participants from the William Weedman line:
Front row: Reese Sharples, Anna Sharples, Haley Chapline, James Chapline, Lauren Achtien, Katy Achtien, Evan Achtien, and Chris Achtien.
Second row: Steve & Kathy Sharples, Audrey & Joe Chapline, Melissa Achtien (kneeling).
Third row: Jim & Billie Lou Bruce, Ed & Anne Smith, Chris Achtien, George P. Weedman, Elizabeth Snodgrass, Kathy Dearing, Merrie Carol Weedman.
Back row: Georgia H. Weedman, Mary Weedman, Elizabeth G. & Fred Hering, and Nick Weedman.

william weedman

A report on the Reunion will be posted shortly. Check back for updates on this page.