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Marianne Montgomery

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Marianne Montgomery in early August 2015. Marianne and her late husband, Paul Montgomery, started the Weedman Newsletter in March 1968 and it continued to be the definitive source for Weedman family genealogy for 45 years! Marianne and the late Gena Theiss were tireless workers on the family genealogy and are greatly missed. Marianne suffered from cognitive disorders in her later years. Our condolences to her famly.

Nick Weedman


Purpose: This web site is devoted to the exchange of information and furtherance of genealogical research into the Weedman family and related lines.


There are at least four distinct Weedman families in the United States.

The largest group was descended from Christian Weedman, Sr., who immigrated to the United States in 1750.

Another Weedman family has Swedish roots and is descended from one of four brothers who originated in Ockelbo, Sweden. Olaf Weedman was the first of the four to arrive (in 1855) and has the largest number of descendents. Peter Weedman, Jonas Weedman and John Weedman also have descendents here. Many settled near  Galesburg, Illinois.

The third Weedman family is Florida based and has German origins dating from before 1785. Philip Weedman is the progenitor of this line but it has been learned he arrived with a brother, Bernard. Bernard lived in West Virginia and work is being pursued on his line. His family has a number of variant surname spellings.

The fourth Weedman family is one based around Sudlersville, MD. The original immigrant appears to have been Lenard Weedman who was from Wurtemburg, Germany and who came to this country apparently in the late 1850s. He married here and appears to have had a single daughter, Rebecca, who was born in 1861 in Maryland. In 1874, a son named Christopher Weedman, born in October 1847, joined his father in the Sudlersville area. Christopher has a family of three or four daughters and a single son, Denver Carroll Weedman. Denver's family consisted of three sons. Despite years of research, we never had contact with any of this family. For more details, see the Maryland Weedman page.

Other Weedman families are found in Australia, Canada, England, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A new page has been added to the web site in an effort to determine where Christian Weedman, Senior (aka Christian Widmann) originated. Click on the link below to the ship Anderson passenger list.

Wonder how you fit into the Weedman family? If you will provide some information which would allow us to trace your family back to one of our known lines, we can provide you with lineage and family information. Contact Nick Weedman by clicking on the underlined name and ask for your lineage. I will send a word processing file with your family line to you via e-mail.


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