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The use of DNA analysis in genealogy is rapidly growing. It is excellent tool in our pursuit of our ancestry. We currently have six participants who have submitted their test and received results.

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There are three distinct Weedman families in the United States with other Weedman families found in Australia, Canada, England, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

  • The largest US group descended from Christian Weedman, Sr., who immigrated to the United States in 1750.
  • A second lineage of the Weedman family has Swedish roots and is descended from one of four brothers whom originated in Ockelbo, Sweden. Olaf Weedman was the first of the four to arrive (in 1855) and has the largest number of descendants. Peter Weedman, Jonas Weedman and John Weedman also have descendents here. Many settled near Galesburg, Illinois.
  • The third Weedman family has German origins dating from before 1785. This line is primarily Florida based. Philip Weedman is the progenitor of this line, but it has been learned he arrived with a brother, Bernard. Bernard lived in West Virginia and work is being pursued on his line. His family has a few variant surname spellings.
  • There is 4th line that seems distinct from the others. This line was based in Delaware and apparently originated in Germany but location is unknown. There are no male descendants from this line that are living. More on this line will be added.

Next Steps...

Wonder how you fit into the Weedman family? If you will provide some information which would allow us to trace your family back to one of our known lines, we can provide you with lineage and family information.

Who is Searching for What Family or Line?

This is intended to help connect people searching for various Weedman or related family lines. Lines or Families being Researched:

All Weedman lines, Widman, some Weidman, Haycraft, Cart, Gilliland, Lanman
Contact: Nick Weedman at

Anderson, Stinson, McDaniel, Barnes, Johnson, Daughtery, Cline, Trammel, and Gardiner
Contact: Sharon Bryden at


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